Adyashanti: We are held captive to what we are not ready to acknowledge

The right relationship, that’s been demonstrated, is not to be tempted by the good stuff. Not to be tempted by power, or control, or even freedom. Not to be tempted to use it, to misuse it. And on the other side, not to be frightened by your own darkness. Everyone, in the deep parts of themselves, they will have darkness. As a human incarnation, we are all a mixture of darkness and light. Because we all contain the whole, so we all have the whole potential of total light and total darkness.

Until we can meet all those forces within ourselves, we are held captive to what we are not ready to acknowledge without grabbing or running away from. So if you are attached to being the pure light, when you see your darkness, either you will project it and blame it on somebody else, or you may think oh my god I am being assaulted by the devil, this force out there who is coming to get me.

But what you don’t notice is that it only seems that way, because you are not yet willing to see that the darkness is in you. That’s you. Even the demonic forces are not independent things out there, they are just the makeup of an incarnation.

We are all infinite. Infinitely good, infinitely bad, we have all that potential within us, through and through.

It’s only when we can finally see that, and meet that without grabbing it or pushing it away that we eventually…..

Now, forty days and forty nights, that’s extraordinarily quick. That’s an extraordinarily advanced being.

When we cannot be tempted and we can no longer be frightened, the ego, basically it’s day is over. It’s done. It can’t tempt you. It can’t allure you. It can’t frighten you.

It’s movement, it’s power, has no appeal to you. Which is really what gets us beyond the egoic state of consciousness. There is a maturity, and it’s just no longer appealing. It’s not even appealing to try get rid of it, to resist it. It’s too much, it’s too much of a bother. It’s too egoic to try all the time to not be an ego. It’s very egoic in a way, it’s a form of resistance.

– Adyashanti, silent retreat, March 2011, disc 8 – track4 – file segment 76

And part of this is to question even the thoughts of darkness and light, incarnation, and so on.

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