Adyashanti: Where nothing works

You know where enlightenment ends up? It’s where nothing works. That’s where it ends up.

When you are in delusion, things work for a little while, or they seem to work. Do this little technique, and it works, it makes you feel a little better. It helps you mold and manipulate your inner experience if you are good at it. But the more awake you are the less these things work.

Until finally, nothing works. Zero. That’s total liberation. Total enlightenment is nothing you do to manipulate works at all. So how many people want to be enlightened now? You sit down, if you are so prone or inclined, and meditate, and absolutely nothing works at all. That’s enlightenment. I often wonder, how many people really wants this?

It so happens that when nothing works, and you get that nothing works, everything is working. Everything is totally fine. Everything is unimaginably good. Even when it’s not, it’s unimaginably good. And it’s only good because nothing works to make it different. Or, to put it in more conventional language, there is nobody there to make it different.

– Adyashanti, An Invitation to Awaken, Part 1, 22 min.

When the belief that it needs to be different is seen through, it’s all revealed as OK as is, and more than OK.

And that goes for a series of related and underlying beliefs too.

It  can be different (here and now). There is someone here that can make it different.

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