Barry: Give it all to God

Give it all to God. Admit it is bigger than you and you are powerless in it’s face.  Then turn it over to God and ask God to deal with it totally. When feelings come up, the thoughts give them too up to God.

All these fear have to do with the future.  I bet you are not being here in the now simply being with the feelings.


It is much better if you continue to rely on faith and surrender of your issues.  This morning I had the feeling again it is not about a lot more excavation of your childhood patterns, but that it is instead about dying completely as the “doer” and turning it all over to God.

From two recent emails from Barry.

I sometimes find myself in situations these days where the only solution/resolution seems to be to give it all over to God. I don’t always remember, but when I do, there is a sense of relief. I also notice that there is a sense of vibrancy and aliveness throughout awareness, and a softening of identification with/as certain stories and the me and I. It helps Spirit recognize itself as what’s here, including the stressful stories and identifications.

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