Barry: Keep surrendering it all to God and letting go

I know how difficult it is to feel so lost about what to do. I have gone through periods like this. What came out of the dark night was a deep knowing that a beneficent, loving, omnipotent beingness was at work in my life whether I was aware of it or not. Out of this has come a faith and trust that could not have been developed any other way.  More important than specific outcomes is the process you are in. It is the fire in which you are being alchemically turned into gold.  I know it isn’t easy, but I have never seen any other way for people to birth their true, divine nature…Keep surrendering it all to God and letting go.  This is how one finds the way through the eye of the needle. Love, Barry

Some ways to ease the process:

Asking God to close door that needs to be closed, and open door that needs to be opened. And noticing it’s already that way.

Let Your will be done. And noticing it’s already so.

Notice and inquire into beliefs (fears) about what may happen, about closing doors and opening doors, and fears of giving it all to the divine.

Being a good steward of my life. Asking for support in living with integrity, following my heart and guidance.

Holding satsang with what’s here – emotions, fears, beliefs, physical sensations, images of the past and future, images of people in my life.

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