CFS gifts

I talked with a friend who has also gone through some health challenges, and we had quite similar experiences. We both used to identify strongly as self-reliant and active, and didn’t want to ask others for help, and were not so good at relaxing and doing nothing. We also both upheld an image of being self-reliant, in control, and without many problems or challenges in our lives.

And through these health challenges, we learned to receive, be comfortable with receiving, and even see the gift in it for the one giving. We learned to be more open and real with ourselves and those close to us. And we found the value in allowing ourselves to relax and “do nothing”.

These are just some of the many gifts for me from the CFS.

Among the rest:

Seeing first hand how “what you resist persist”, and how it all changes when I find genuine love for it. It’s OK for it to be there then, and it often moves on.

Incentive to do inquiry on beliefs, hold satsang with what’s here, take care of my health in ordinary ways, and more.

Seeing who among my friends stayed and who left, and finding understanding – and love – for both.

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