In bed last night, I noticed something was slightly different, as if my body was getting something my mind had recognized a while ago.

I noticed that what’s here is it. It’s all there is. It includes any images of past, present and future, and even the most basic images of time and space. There is nowhere else to go. What I seek is right here, whatever I seek. It cannot be anywhere else. (The essence of what I seek – love, trust, connection, safety – is right here.)

I noticed sensations in my body, and that a thought could label it discomfort, clogged up, pressure, stagnation.

And these very same experiences were something a thought could label bliss.

All in one, they were discomfort, bliss and awakeness. What’s here appears to itself as what a thought may label awakeness, bliss, discomfort, or all three.

There is no reason why it can’t all be here simultaneously, even as different aspects or facets or labels of the same. Only a thought would say it cannot all be here together.

When what’s here is recognized as all there is, including (the essence of) all I have ever sought, it doesn’t have to change.

And when what’s here is recognized as awakeness, bliss, and whatever else a thought may label it (fatigue, discomfort, clogged up, frustration, anger, sadness), it doesn’t have to change.

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