Some of the things happening currently in my life and explorations:

Giving it all over to God. Whenever I remember, I give it all over to God. I give my body, mind, and whatever is here over to God. I give it all over to You.

Holding satsang with what’s here, using pointers from Pamela Wilson.

Giving it all to the heart flame. Find the flame in the heart area, the one that represent the divine, non-identified mind, love, and give everything to it, my whole body-mind and any challenging situations or problems in my life. Allow it to burn away anything not like itself. (This is offering confusion and whatever is here to clarity and love.)

The Work. I do inquiry mainly in the certification context these days, and for myself and my own sake.

Living inquiries. I am using the “night panic” steps from Judy Cohen based on the Living Inquiries of Scott Kiloby (and Buddhism!), have done a couple of  LI sessions, and have signed up for a deepening course.

Breema. I just did a week long Breema intensive, doing bodywork, applying the nine principles there and in my life, and connecting with other Breema people. It feels deeply nurturing.

Herbs, diet and LDN. I continue to take (most) of what my herbalist has prescribed for me. The Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) seems to really help with the CFS. And I have a diet low on wheat, dairy and sugar. (I don’t eliminate it completely as I don’t want to be too rigid about it.)

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