From identification to sage II

I keep noticing this:

When there is identification with a part of the psyche, then I think that “I am sad”, “I need her/his love” and so on, and I try to get it from others and the wider world.

When I notice it’s a part, I become the one who can give to the part what it needs and is looking for. It comes so I can meet it as a sage, with love, understanding, availability.

Sadness comes up. When identified with, I think I am sad and I may try to alleviate or change it through activities or spending time with other people. I use the wider world to try to deal with the sadness. When I meet it as a sage, I see it’s from love, it is love, and I can meet it with love. I become the one giving it what it’s looking for.

Uneasiness comes up. When identified with, I think I am uneasy and try to alleviate it through mental or physical activities. I try to use the world to alleviate it. When I meet it as a sage, I can find in me and give to it respect, love and understanding, that which it deeply wishes for.

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