Healing my world of images

There are a few different “layers” to holding satsang with what’s here. For instance….

Notice if it’s already allowed. Is it true it’s not already allowed? You are welcome here.

Notice it’s function. Is it here to protect (the image of) me? Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for your devotion to me. Thank you for your love for me.

How would you like me to meet you? Notice what this question evokes.

What is your deepest desire? What would satisfy you forever? 

What are you really? (What a thought would call awakeness?)

And there is a few different “layers” to what I can hold satsang with.

I hold satsang with emotions, sensations, images. I hold satsang with fear, anger, grief, loneliness.

I hold satsang with dream figures, with figures from mythology and stories. I hold satsang with the witch from my recurrent childhood dream.

And I hold satsang with my images of people and situations. I hold satsang with women in my life in situations where I have imagined the witch qualities in them.

Through this, I notice (a) that my world – the world as it appears to me – is my world of images. And I notice (b) that when there is identification with these images or my stories about them, the identification and the images mind identifies with is here to protect (the image of) me. It’s devoted to me. It’s from love. It is love. And that too is an image.

A thought may say this is all about healing my world of images, and I can find where that’s true for me. Another thought may say it’s all about seeing a little more clearly what’s already here. I can find the truth in that too.


– healing my world of images
– satsang with images of people, situations etc.
– notice how they are here to protect (the image of) me


I started holding satsang with emotions and sensations coming up here and now.

Then, I expanded to dream figures.

And now, I find it interesting and helpful to hold satsang with anything within my world of images. For instance, I can hold satsang with people in my life, or – more accurately – my images of these people.

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