How is it to uncontain it?

How is it to uncontain it?

It’s a simple question I heard from Pamela Wilson.

When there is excitement and energy here, and I notice an impulse to identify with it, how is it to uncontain it? (When it’s identified with, it’s often followed by a crash. Uncontaining it seems to shift that pattern.)

When there is sadness here, how is it to uncontain it?

When there is physical pain here, how is it to uncontain it?

And what does uncontaining mean?

To me, it means (a) noticing that my images of boundaries around the excitement (sadness, pain, anger) are simply that, images, and (b) notice that what’s here is not contained by any of my images.

It’s interesting to notice how taking images as true has consequences, and what just a simple question can do. It helps me see more closely what’s already here.

The excitement – or sadness, pain, anger – is already uncontained. I just held an image of it’s boundaries as true.

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