Identification = love

I keep seeing how identification – to any particular image or thought – is love.

It’s there to protect the imagined me. It’s devoted to this me. It comes from love of this me. It is love.

Seeing this – over and over, with particular identifications and in particular situations – I find a deepening gratitude and love for identification. It’s not an enemy. It’s not an “other”.

It’s what a thought may call awakeness, what a thought may call love, and what a thought may call protection of an imagined me.

If I believe that identification (aka “ego”) is a problem, other, or enemy, mind will fight itself and this easily leads to a sense of stalemate.

When I see that identification is love, and identification recognizes itself as love and awakeness, there is a softening. It can allow itself to relax.

There is an easier recognition that mind may be identified with an image or a thought, and not identified with it, at the same time.

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