It’s all here

I keep seeing (rediscovering) how it’s all here.

Right now, there is contraction and a sense of infinity, there is identification (beliefs) and non-identification (clarity), images are believed and not believed, there is discomfort and comfort, there is suffering and bliss. It’s all here.

Only a thought would say that something is here, and it’s apparent opposite is not here. When mind tries to hold it as true, then mind will attempt to make it appear true to itself. It will bring focus to any evidence for suffering being here and not bliss, or the other way around.

So when one end of a polarity appears to be here, and not the other (or the other end appears in the wider world, in others or the past or future), then I can ask myself is it true?

Is it true the other end of the polarity is not here? How is it when I notice that both are here? How is it to find myself as that which holds and appears as both?

Is it possible for it not to be here? If what I see in the wider world (what a thought says is in others or the past or future) is already here, how can it not be here?

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