Jeff Foster: No spiritual fireworks

What is awakening? No spiritual fireworks here, friend, no big dramatic experiences of unending bliss and unbearable joy, no ecstatic visions or mesmerising altered states, no special transmissions from the one who believes themselves to be the guru, just the intimate taste of your own unchanging presence, just effortlessly allowing this moment to be as it is, just the pricelessness of being alive and awake, now.

This, an ordinary moment, held in the natural state, saturated with natural transmission, arising as the natural guru, intimately so.

Welcome home to naturalness.

– Jeff Foster

I have had my share of spiritual fireworks, and equivalent descents, and those are helpful too. They help me recognize facets of reality, and also see that these are all experiences that come and go. What already allows all of it is what eventually notices itself – and notices itself as all of these shifting experiences, all of these (what a thought would call) ups and downs and middle ground experiences. What’s here is all there is, since it includes any images of something “other” out there in time or space. And what I really seek, the essence of what I seek, is already here.

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