Parts work

With friends, and also in sessions with a therapist/teacher, I sometimes name or speak on behalf of parts of me. And often, these parts are quite small and almost not noticeable compared with the whole of who I am, and the (literally infinite) richness of what I am.

For me, it’s clear it’s a part and that “I” as a whole is quite different. I also know that as long as the part is disowned, it will either hide and work behind the scenes or it will demand attention. And that when it’s met, welcomed, met with gratitude and love, and invited to notice what it really is, something shifts. It reveals itself as something quite different.

Still, when I speak a parts language, it’s sometimes misinterpreted. The person I talk with, including some therapists and teachers, seem to identify the whole of me with the part I name, notice and welcome, and that can lead to misunderstandings. (These misunderstandings seem to happen more frequently in Europe, and rarely on the US West Coast.)

I want to be more conscious of this, more kind to myself and others, and not assume everyone is familiar with this. I want to explain this more explicitly, if that seems helpful.


– speak on behalf of a part, name a part, especially when the persona and/or whole is moving in another direction
– also know, when meet, welcome, find gratitude/love for, invite to see what really am etc., then relaxes
– still, when speak this, some misinterpret – identify the whole of me with a part I name, notice, welcome (can lead to misunderstandings)
– want to be more conscious of this, more kind to myself and others, not assume everyone are familiar with this, perhaps explain more if seems helpful


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