Statements for inquiry – Wounded Child

What prevents you from releasing identification with the wounded child?

Fear comes up

Don’t want to look at it
Scary to look at wounded child
Scary to let go of identifying with wounded child
Feels safe to identify with wounded child
Feels like protection
I can make myself small that way
I am a victim of life with this identity – I don’t have to look at it, at what’s going on, at that identification
It’s scary to look at it
I get a certain type of attention from other people with the identity
It will be disorienting to lose the identity
I wouldn’t know who I am
I can use it to manipulate people, to get what I want from them
Afraid of what I will see if I look at it
There’s something very scary there
I’d have to change how I relate to my parents
I’d have to be an adult in my connection with other people
I would have to be an adult
I wouldn’t be able to rely on other people anymore
I would have to be self reliant – driving, income, place to live
It will be unfamiliar
I’d have to develop parts of myself not so well developed – will take effort, will take energy
I wouldn’t be able to hide as easily
It allows me to hide and protect myself that way
It will take too much work – to look at
It’s more work to not have the identification
Being more adult/independent takes more work
I had inadequate physical touch
The world is a dangerous place
My mother was too preoccupied with her own challenges
I wasn’t loved enough
I wasn’t cared for enough
My parents felt unsafe in the world themselves
My parents didn’t know how to help me feel safe
My parents didn’t know how to help me feel loved

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