Sting: Practical Arrangement

When I listen to this song, I am struck by two things:

First, that it’s an antidote to my own (more romantic, idealized) view. Can I hold both, and find the validity in both? How would it be to live from that?

Then, how much love there is in this song and the views that are expressed. There is a deep love for himself and for the woman and what they can have together. A thought may say this is devoid of love, and that may be true in terms of traditional romantic love. And yet, there is a deep and different love here.

I am also reminded of a few things about love. (a) It’s always here. It’s what we are (although sometimes covered up by beliefs). (b) Liking and preferences is another thing, and I can find love for someone even if I don’t like him or her, or want to spend my life – or much time at all – with that person. (c) Romantic love is again something different, and it tends to fade. And (d) there is also a deep sense of soul level love that may or may not be there, and is more about resonance and recognition at a deep level. And this too can look any number of ways in outward appearance (friend, lover, not in contact etc.).

In my life, so far, I have already experienced a number of combinations of these. I have experienced love and not liking someone. I have experienced and liking someone. I have experienced romantic love with and without the soul love. And I have experienced the soul love as friends, lovers, and in the absence of contact.

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