Tarot Reading


Tarot reading at Spasso Coffehouse in Rockridge with Luna, using the John Holland deck.

Three of swords. Heartache and loss. It’s time to give to yourself the love you have been seeking from others. (Past.)

Empress. Fertility, seeds sprout, fruition. (Present.)

Two of cups. Spiritual union, one-on-one. (Future.)

I have noticed that I Ching seems to reflect my mind state in the moment, and I wonder if Tarot readings may do the same.

I added a card at the end.

Ace of Pentacles. Prosperity Begins. (Additional card.)

2 thoughts to “Tarot Reading”

  1. Hello there. Try to dig deeper into tarot cards and You will see that these cards are almost reflection of ourselves. I added Your blog to my favourites. Thank You for Your existence

  2. Yes, I think all those things – tarot, I ching, dreams etc. – reflect ourselves. In the bigger picture, the whole world reflects ourselves.

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