This is it

This is it, for two reasons.

What’s here is all there is. What’s here includes my images of past, future and present, of time and space. Any images of something somewhere else, or in the past or future, is here.

What’s here includes (the essence of) what I desire. When I track back my wishes and desires to their essence, I find that their essence is some variation of love, trust, rest, engagement, connection, aliveness or some other characteristic of what we are. Is it true that love is not already here? Is it true that trust is not already here? Is it true that aliveness is not already here?

So this is it, because (a) this is all there is, and (b) what I desire is here.

These are questions and pointers, at most. And they may also serve to bring up beliefs for inquiry.

There is something out there. Where is my evidence?

What’s here is not as good as what I wish for. It’s better when it comes from someone else. What do I find when I look into this? Is this really not as good? Can I get anything from someone else?

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