What the fear wants

Holding satsang with what’s here, I have seen how what’s here – whether it’s fear, anger, regret, grief, physical pain, fatigue or something else – wants something I can give it.

When for instance fear is rejected, pushed away or seen as undesirable, it feels rejected, isolated, uncared for. And as any being that feels that way, it becomes contracted, stressed, and either hides or strongly demands attention. And since this is a part of me, I feel this way.

When it’s met in satsang, all this shifts. It feels respected, understood, listened to, loved. It can relax. It doesn’t have to hide or demand attention as before.

I also see that what it wants and needs is something I can offer, it’s something I can give.

It’s very simple. It’s something any one of us, at least if we have a minimum of wherewithal, can learn. And it becomes easier and a new habit over time.

It’s also something I can easily imagine including in any early schooling and any therapy.


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