When find love for it, it’s job is done | When find love for it, it’s OK for it to be here

Life (awakeness, God, Spirit, the Universe, mind, reality) appears to itself as something a thought says is desirable (bliss, exhilaration) or undesirable (fear, grief, pain). Mind identifies with these thoughts, and moves to try to hold onto or push away what’s here.

If a thought says it’s undesirable, it will tend to hang around or keep returning until mind recognizes what’s really going on. Until mind recognizes it as love and awakeness, and it recognizes itself as love and awakeness.  When mind finds love for it, it’s job is done. It doesn’t need to hang around anymore. (Although it may, it’s job may include other things too.) Also, when it’s recognized as love and awakeness, it’s OK for it to be here. It doesn’t have to go away. There may be a preference for it to stay or go away, but less/no experience of need.


– (a) when find love for it, it’s job is done
– (b) when find love for it, it’s OK for it to be here (it doesn’t have to go away)



Here is one way to look at it:

When I find love for what’s here, it’s job is done.

Or, more accurately, when I notice it’s already allowed, when I notice it comes from love, when I notice it is love, and it notices what it is, then one of it’s jobs is done. There may be other reasons for it to hang around, including so I can take another closer look, and invite it to take a closer look, to see what it really is and what’s really there.


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