Adyashanti: Everything will stay with you until there is unconditional love

Everything will stay with you until there is unconditional love.

If you can’t forgive it, it owns you.

– Adyashanti, Silent Retreat, disc 13, track 14

I see that for myself. In my twenties, it seemed easy to (mostly) meet what’s here with love, because I lived in a state of love. Now, it seems more challenging because that state is not here. The invitation now seems to be to notice that what’s here is already love.

Everything will stay until there is unconditional love. And that’s for a simple reason: If there isn’t a deep love for what’s here, it’s because stories are believed and it’s out of alignment with reality. When there is a deep unconditional love, it’s because there is a closer conscious alignment with reality. What’s here is love, it’s recognized as love, and then it’s met with love. Love meets itself. It’s unconditional in the sense that anything can be recognized as love and be met with love. It’s not dependent on what it is, or what it’s labeled  as by a thought. And it’s conditional in the sense that what’s met with love is already love. The love is “conditioned” on that love.

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