Barry: Listening to Source

I don’t think it is going to be a good idea to do what anyone else says, even a psychic friend. What got you into this is that you stopped listening to Source and lived from fear and your own will.

Yes, all that is happening is God’s will.  Your part is whether you listen and act from love and oneness with God’s will or from fear and separation.  If you truly ask for God’s will to be known and done, the divine will get through to you no matter what if you are willing to feel the fear, doubt, uncertainty and wait until you receive the Knowing from the divine.  It is about giving yourself, mind, body, soul to God.  Remember Jesus two edicts when asked how to achieve union.  Love God with all your heart and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself/and yourself.  If you love God with all your heart and soul there is nothing you want more than to do God’s will.  When we realize that every time we act from personal ego/will we cause suffering and dis-ease and ultimately death to ourselves and all life it is pretty easy to turn fully in surrender to God. Consider these things…
– Barry, in an email to me

For the first two thirds of my twenties, I had a clear inner guidance and I followed it most of the time. As I followed it, it became more clear to me. And there was a sense of being guided with love and care, and a deep sense of rightness and alignment. Things fell into place in my life.

Then, I went against my guidance and moved to Wisconsin. I did it because of a relationship, and really because of fears and beliefs about it. I was willing to sacrifice following my guidance in order to avoid what I was afraid of (being alone was one of those). This was the beginning of what can be labelled a dark night of the soul, where things felt off track internally and in my life in general.

Now, the invitation is to follow my inner guidance again, and take a closer look at the fears and beliefs I sometimes use to stop myself from doing so.

I see that God’s will is what is, and one way to align with God’s will is to question my thoughts saying what is is not right. Another way to align with God’s will is to question the thoughts I use to stop myself from following my guidance.



The dark night of the soul started for me when I left my guidance and moved to Wisconsin. Before then, I had several years where I followed my guidance and everything felt right and aligned and seemed to fall into place. And at that point, when it came up to move to Wisconsin or not,


This is still a topic for me, and something I have questions about.

God’s will is what is. It’s what’s here.

Then there is my inner guidance, which lets me know what will feel right for me, what will give me a sense of alignment and rightness. I may follow it or not, and will feel aligned or out of alignment.

Then there is “my will”.

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