Craig Holliday: The price we pay to discover this realization is giving up victimhood

Beyond the materialism of the law of attraction and the notion that thoughts become things, or thoughts create reality is the incredible truth that not only are we one with the Divine, but that we are Divine, which means we also are the creative power of the Universe Itself.

Because if we are one with the Divine, we also must be one with the creative impulse of the universe. Awakening to this truth means we can find completion and liberation beyond egoic conditioning, in our creative power, not for the sake of satisfying the needs of our egoic desires, but as an opportunity to awaken to our overwhelming power and autonomy… that we can bring forth our ultimate truth nature as a gift to this world……

As we do so, we out grow the egoic belief in victimhood or that life happens to us and claim our autonomy and power as Divine beings in a Divine Universe through fully taking responsibility for our lives; as we do so we simultaneously co-create this beautiful world as a manifestation of our own radiance.

The price we pay to discover this realization is giving up victimhood, taking total responsibility for our lives, and claiming our Divinity, a small price in comparison for discovering our innate creative power.

– Craig Holliday

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