Swami Vivekananda: I have attained my present state of mind

I have attained my present state of mind as a result of much suffering and pain. I now realize that without trials and tribulations one cannot resign oneself to God and depend on Him absolutely.

– Swami Vivekananda

This resonates with me right now. I have some very basic wounds surfacing – around the victim identity and heart ache – and I find that it does lead me to resign myself to God. No “technique” seems to do it, apart from a more clear noticing of what’s here and giving it all over to God. And “God” here could also be called unidentified mind, love, presence etc.

I also see that the “trails and tribulations” and resigning to God (a) is an idea. (b) The turnarounds have validity too. For instance, without ease I cannot resign myself to God. And (c) he describes his own path as it appears to him, there is nothing necessarily universal about it. Also, I see that the “state” I wish for is a state of noticing and of finding love for what’s here.

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