Craig Holliday: Frustration contains the seed of our growth

Frustration Contains the Seed of our Growth….

If we want to grow, change, or evolve in any area of our life, we have to become tired with our old way of being, we have to get to a place of frustration for being this way and channel the power of our frustration toward growth. Most of us though allow our frustration to spin out in negativity.

But if our we unconsciously allow ourselves to be negative, we won’t grow, we will simply become more frustrated until, we decide to channel our frustration toward change. Frustration is actually the feeling of our unmet potential. It comes when our True Self sees that we are not living up to who we are or who we can be in an embodied way….

If we look at this dance from a broad perspective we will see that inherent in frustration, inherent in pain and suffering is the seed of our evolution…
Frustration is simply the power of evolution twisted, confused and unmanifest. Yet when we come into clarity of where we need to go, this energy of frustration unravels and becomes the very energy of our change.

– Craig Holliday

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