Fiona Robertson: The scandal of objectivity

Watch out for what Scott calls the ‘reallyness’ of things. Sometimes, deficiency stories, compulsions and anxiety can hide out, as it were, in the guise of truth or seeming common sense or preference. So if you hear yourself saying things like, ‘That’s just what I want’, or ‘That’s actual reality, that’s how it is’, or ‘That’s true’, or ‘I just prefer it that way’, or ‘He’s really like that, so that’s not going to change’, or ‘That’s how anyone would feel, surely’ then take a look. There’s most likely something there to be seen. Freeing ourselves of the notion of a fixed reality, that there are some things that are just as they are, cuts right to the heart of what Scott calls the scandal of objectivity.

– Fiona Robertson

Yes, I find the same. It’s the stories that I think of – often unconsciously – as true, as “objective”, as “just how it is”, that reveal the most when I take a closer look at them. The idea of truth or fact or objectivity is another guardian of the treasure, another way for the mind to prevent itself from taking a closer look at unquestioned ideas.

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