Jeff Foster: Our greatest pain

The saddest thing of all is sadness when it is unfelt, neglected, unmet, rejected. Sorrow, without a home, is truly sorrowful to behold.

We get angry at ourselves for feeling anger. We fear fear, its intensity, its immediacy, its imagined power to overwhelm.

It’s confusing to attempt to not feel confusion when confusion is burning in us. The most frustrating thing of all is trying to make frustration disappear immediately, desiring the absence of desire.

Our greatest pain is our resistance to pain, the refusal of the living fact of pain; our unwillingness to stare life in the face, unblinking.

Only a thought would say, “this thought shouldn’t be here”. Only an imagined mind would want to be “free from mind”.

Taste raw life directly without judgement, or judgement of judgement of judgement…

Our experience is always reflective. But the Heart is forever open.

– Jeff Foster


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