Jeff Foster: Your confusion is sacred and intelligent

Your confusion is sacred and intelligent. You are not supposed to have a clear, consistent idea about who you are.

Who you are is not an idea, a concept, a story. You are not the movie of your life, but the constant embrace of that very movie, as it constantly changes…

You are alive, dynamic, ever-changing; thoughts and feelings arise and fall like wild uncontrollable waves in the vast – and unchanging – ocean of you.

You are a vibrant living un-thing and cannot be captured in dead words from the past. You do not live in memory. Your home is now.

In having no clue about who you are, in sinking deeply into the original not knowing prior to thought, you know absolutely who you are, beyond belief or doubt, and this is the gorgeous paradox of crucifixion and awakening; the death of the dream and the embrace of that dream.

Rest, weary seeker. Rest in this…

– Jeff Foster

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