Living inquiry on collapse

Sometimes, there is a sense of collapse. The first time I remember it I was in London with my parents, was exhausted after a long day, and wanted Coke in a can but they only had bottles (I was about five years old). Along with the collapse is sadness, hopelessness, despair, and a sense of being paralyzed or freezing. Nothing I can do will make a difference. It’s hopeless. Life is unfair. Life has singled me out (to be treated unfairly). It won’t change.

Some things to look at:

Identify the images related to the collapse, sadness, hopelessness, paralyzed, freezing, anger. Some may be concrete, other abstract.

Is there a real, not imagined, threat in each of these images? Is there a command to collapse in those images? A command to be sad, hopeless, frozen, paralyzed, angry?

Then, bring attention to the sensations that goes with the collapse etc. and leave the images to the side. Is there a real, not imagined, threat in these sensations? Is there a command to collapse (etc.) in those sensations?

Then, repeat the same with images and sensations related to a sense of me that this is happening to. Is there a threat there? Is there a real, not imagined, me there? Is there a command there to believe there is a real me?



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