Something comes up – discomfort, contraction, identification, sadness, anger, physical pain – and a thought says it’s unpleasant, wrong, undesirable, something to get rid of or escape from.

When both the initial experience and the response is recognized as love, then both become a reminder that I am loved. I notice it seems very helpful for me to soak in this for a while. It’s an antidote to my habitual mind patterns, and it feels healing. (I can explore this through holding satsang with what’s here.)

I can then look for any of these – discomfort, pain, a me experiencing this, love, a me that’s loved. Can I find it? Can I find each of these in words? Images? Sensations? Anywhere else? (I can explore this through the Living Inquiries.)


Whenever something comes up that thoughts say is wrong or undesirable or unpleasant, and it’s recognized as love, then what was earlier seen as unpleasant is a reminder of being loved.

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