Scott Kiloby: This story is designed to feel incomplete

The time-bound story of self is only a series of words and pictures. This story is designed to feel incomplete. In this story, we’re looking for anything that fills the sense of lack that is our constant companion.

Lack is our constant companion for only one reason: we continue fueling the belief that our freedom resides in the future, in the next moment, the next fix.

Do you see the vicious cycle of seeking? It’s the very thought that the future holds our fulfillment that makes the present moment feel as if it’s lacking.

This one critical insight can change everything. Each time a thought or sensation arises that tells us this moment is lacking something, we can make the decision to rest in presence instead of emphasizing the thought or sensation.

In resting in thought-free presence, we come to realize that this moment is already complete as it is.

– Scott Kiloby, excerpt from his upcoming book Natural Rest for Addiction.

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