Barry: It leaves one dangling over the cliff

I empathize with the extreme and chronic vulnerability you have had to endure, as I have experienced it myself.  While the deeksha certainly seems to have been a factor in the brain issues I’m starting to feel there may be a deeper plan at work.  The old mind and it’s physical foundation in the brain need to be completely transformed to take the next step as a species.  You are one of the first to make this transition. The old brain of the “world mind” is adapted to a consciousness of separation and egoism. This has to go.  It leaves one dangling over the cliff when it comes to functioning in the world.  There is one way and you are doing it. One must let go of the ego mind and trust 100% of receiving the guidance and support from above. There is no other way. All the outer support forms from the physical world will be taken away as part of the process. I know how difficult this is. What always happens is that mysteriously, magically you are provided for in ways unseen and unpredicated. One must walk the pathless path of the mystery with total faith and trust.  You are doing it. Keep on keeping on and love and bless your brain as it is. It is birthing the new Christed mind.  Love, B

– from Barry, in a recent email to me

I see many layers to how I received this. The first response is to deeply appreciate the support, empathy and encouragement in it. I also see that these are stories, and “unfindable” in the Living Inquiry sense. What I am left with is the very practical and helpful suggestion to bless and love my brain (and mind) as it is. That’s something that feels good and right.

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