Barry: If you truly give your life to God, you no longer are at the controls

The bottom of things is always the hardest.  The insanity of the separate ego mind is incessant before it dissolves away. At this part in my journey all that was left was to throw myself, mind, body, soul and spirit into God’s/Christ’s hands.  I gave ever breath, each heart beat up.  I disavowed any doing on my own and to wait even unto death until I was prompted what to do next.  That kind of radical surrender is almost always the only way through.

There is no future for any of us…What we conceive of as our future is only mental images projected into the screen of the infinite Now.  If you closely observe, it is only when the mind is doing that that there is suffering.  Their may be pain, discomfort in the present, but there can be no suffering, which only occurs when we are not fully here, with our experience.

I would continually give my life to the Divine and be fully present to your experience not trying to do anything but experience it with an open, available mind as we did in our session work.  If you truly give your life to God, you no longer are at the controls.  Easier said than done, but the truth path of the Christ. Love, B

– Barry, in an email to me

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