Scott Kiloby: Wordlessly and intimately welcome every negative sensation

The various addictions in my life began to die only when the desire to wordlessly and intimately welcome every negative sensation outweighed the desire to medicate or get rid of it.
– Scott Kiloby

Just to clarify: The term “negative sensations” in this quote refers to sensations that words and images say are undesirable, appear as a threat, and there is resistance to. Sensations are just sensations, and that is revealed through the sincere curiosity he is referring to here. And that wordless curiosity and welcoming is revealed through inquiry, when the velcro has loosened or gone out of the collection of sensations and the words and images stuck on it.

He is using the word “negative” because that’s how it looks before inquiry. He is meeting people where they are. And through inquiry, the label “negative” doesn’t fit,  is seen as just a label, and may not even be findable in the Living Inquiry sense. 

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