The Breadth and Effectiveness of the Living Inquiries

1.  Addiction – Not only addiction to common drugs and alcohol but also addiction to thinking, gambling, sex, porn, eating, love, relationships, cleaning, work, worrying, rage, complaining, blaming and just about any other addiction you can imagine.

2.  Anxiety –  This includes generalized anxiety, phobias, PTSD, worry and all other forms of fear and anxiousness about the future or about specific situations.

3.  Health, Illness, Physical Pain, Death – The inquiries bring relief from the psychological and emotional suffering around these issues.

4.  Depression –  This includes clinical diagnosed depression as well as depression that is self-diagnosed.

5.  Stress –  This includes extreme and frequent stress as well as the everyday stress that many experience in their family relationships, social situations, jobs and other areas.

6.  Trauma –  Childhood and other forms of trauma including sex and other abuse.

7.  Obsession –  Pure obsession, OCD and other forms of obsession.

8.  Spiritual Seeking –  Many people work with Scott or other facilitators because they are seeking enlightenment or awakening.  The inquiries are quite effective in bringing about the awakening that is sought within a short period of time.

9.  Self-Esteem Issues –  Because the inquiries focus on what Scott calls “Deficiency stories,” these tools work to release all forms of low self-esteem.

10.  Relationship Issues –  The boomerang and panorama aspects of the inquiries release the psychological and emotional triggers that bring about struggle and disharmony in relationships.

11.  Body contractions – Certain addictions and other behaviors occur because certain parts of the body contain energetic tightness or contraction (e.g., the throat, chest, stomach or pelvic area).  The mining techniques of the inquiries release these contractions so that the body begins to feel warm, open, spacious and peaceful.

The Breadth and Effectiveness of the Living Inquiries, from

I am in the certification program, so in a few months, I’ll hopefull be available to help people using the Living Inquiries.

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