Unfindable vs disappearing

A very basic point:

Unfindable doesn’t mean disappearing.

Looking for something – anything – in the sense fields, I cannot find it. I can only find words, images, sensations, taste, smell, and sight. And if I look for those, I cannot even find them.

That doesn’t mean that what I look for disappears. I may look for my computer without finding it, but I can still use it and type on it. It’s still here in a conventional sense.

It’s only that now, there is more clarity on how the appearance of a computer is created in my own mind, and there is less sense of inherent solidity or reality in it. And that means, should something happen to my computer, there is less charge around it and more clarity and rest.



Exploring the sense fields, I find that whatever I look for (so far) is unfindable. There are words, images, sensations, taste, smell and sight, and that’s all. This helps release the sense of unquestionable reality, solidity and stickiness of different ideas in my world. It doesn’t mean it disappears. There is still something here I can call a body, a room, a computer etc., even if I cannot find it when I take a closer look in my direct experience.


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