Kiara: Does consciousness prefer butterfly over larvae?

the question really is….
does consciousness prefer butterfly over larvae or even the in between?
– Kiara on Skype

I mentioned to her that I still feel like I am in the liquid phase. It’s as if I can’t find anything solid when I look and scan.

perhaps you are even less solid than liquid
perhaps you barely exist at all 😉
and yet…magic happens through these nonexistent fingers…

That’s true too. What’s here is barely here at all.

And, I see that consciousness doesn’t prefer the butterfly over the larva, or either of those over the liquid phase.

Also, when I look, I can’t find any of those apart from as images, words and some sensations that seem connected to these images and words.

It’s funny how the mind makes a lot out of something that’s hardly there. And how it can make itself see what’s here as not good enough, and project things into the future (or past, or in others) that’s better and more desirable.

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