Scott Kiloby: Notice the words “highly sensitive,” take the words off, then feel the sensation

All these labels we place on ourselves, I sense, don’t do us much good at a certain point. I mean I once walked around calling myself an addict, then a spiritual person, then an empath, then highly sensitive, then enlightened, then the one who doesn’t care about being enlightened. As I look at it now, it makes a lot of sound and that’s about it. As Judy said, notice the words “highly sensitive,” take the words off, then feel the sensation. It never actually says it’s too much. Those are just more words. It’s just felt. Simple.

It reminds me of diagnoses. I go to a doctor or a therapist, they label me. I feel good in the sense that at least now I have a label. Then ten years later, I realize it’s just a word. Why not start now and see it as just a word velcroed to a sensation. Saves a lot of time and questions. If we have as much interest in investigating labels as we do in finding the “right” label that describes “me”, we would likely suffer a lot less.

– Scott Kiloby in a comment on Facebook

He is saying here, more clearly and in fewer words, what I tried to express in the previous post.

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