Dark nights and rest

I have watched a couple of videos on the dark night of the soul, including this one, and am reminded that it’s called a dark night for a reason.

It’s not only because it seems “dark” when we fight against it, or things happen that appear undesirable to our old views.

It’s also dark night because – just as a physical night – it’s a time for rest, and finding rest through surrendering…. to love, trust, and what is.

Is it true I can’t find peace with what is? If I knew it would last forever, how would it be to find peace with it?

Is it true it’s easier to struggle with it? Is it true I can struggle with it?

Is it true it will last forever? Is it true something “went wrong”? Is it true I did something wrong?

Is it true I can’t find trust? Is it true life (God, Spirit) doesn’t have my best interest at heart?

Is it true that what I am looking for (peace, trust, love, self-love) isn’t already here?

This rest has a “passive” component, in the surrender.

It also has an active component. For instance, I can intentionally stay with sensations instead of going into stories (if that’s possible, and perhaps supported by inquiry). I can actively pray and ask for… surrender, support, guidance, to be shown the way. I can explore my views on what’s happening through inquiry. All this can be, in a very real way, part of the rest and surrender.

Also, as the video above reminds us, when a dark night of the soul comes to completion, it typically leads to a quite active and engaged life, and at that point, we may wish we had taken the opportunity to deeply rest during the dark night phase. Of course, it’s never too late. And we can find deep rest also in activity and an active life.

Note: A dark night may include plenty of physical rest, as it has for me. For some, it seems that it can also be quite active physically. I guess it’s individual. (And I see for myself that in my struggle with it, I sometimes do more physically than I otherwise would have, and that’s perhaps not always the wisest approach although there is a learning in that too.)


– dark night, invitation to rest, just as the physical nights
– rest through surrender – to love, trust, what is

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