Dream: Invisibility clothing

I am with a group of people who have developed and demonstrate invisibility clothing.

This was a vivid dream, although I don’t remember many details.

It resonates with me in at least two ways:

I have been seeing a belief in me that it’s safer to stay invisible and small. It’s a belief that was formed in childhood, and perhaps especially in elementary and middle school. (I was a quite active and engaged child, and frequently raised my hand in class, and some other kids in class gave me “the look” and expressed their dislike of it and me.) This is something I want to explore more in inquiry.

Also, through the inquiry the awareness aspect of everything is more in the foreground. Whatever is here is awareness itself, including what may appear the most solid. In that, there is a sense of transparency to what’s here, which can be taken as a form of invisibility. It’s so transparent and ephemeral it’s almost not here. (Unless I get caught up in beliefs, then what’s believed seems solid enough for a while.)

So the dream may encourage me to (a) look at my invisibility assumptions (inquiry), and (b) notice the transparency even when things appear more solid.

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