I keep seeing the beauty and innocence in fear, and what mind does to protect it’s idea of a me. It goes into belief, velcro, and identification. It holds certain thoughts, views and identities as true and real. It “glues” words, images and sensations together. It identifies with the viewpoint of thoughts. It’s all innocent. It’s all from confused love.

Sometimes, as it happens, it can be quite a struggle. There is a struggle between an imagined (literally) self, and something in an imagined wider world. And there may also be a struggle between these dynamics, and the knowing that it’s all from confusion.

That too is innocent, and confused love. That too is an attempt to keep the imagined self safe. That too is an attempt at protection. That too comes from fear.

And not even fear. It comes from trying to push away the sensations of fear. And that too is an attempt at protection. That too is innocent and confused love.

All sides of the apparent struggle comes from identifications, and confused love.

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