Forms of oneness

Oneness can be very simple and even ordinary, and it can be found in many forms.

We have oneness in a broad psychological sense, and this has several aspects.

(a) My world is happening within and as this mind. My world is awareness taking all the forms of content of experience. When awareness notices itself, and the “center of gravity” of what we take ourselves to be shifts to awareness and all its many forms, it’s often called “enlightenment”. (The word sounds very exotic, and what it refers to is much more mundane, simple and immediate). This is “oneness” since all experiences are recognized as the same: what a thought may call awareness.

(b) What I see “out there” mirrors what’s “in here”. Any characteristics I see in others and the wider world reflects what’s here. If I say “he is stubborn”, I can turn it to myself and find an example of how it’s true for me too, and another, and another. I and the world are “one” since I can find in myself what I see out there. (And it’s all happening within my word, within and as awareness, anyway.)

(c) We humans have shared or “universal” beliefs, thoughts, and dynamics of the mind. This is another form of oneness. And it is perhaps especially obvious when we facilitate each other in inquiry.

Another form of oneness, perhaps a little on the fringe of the mainstream, is the “paranormal“. (I don’t like that word for a few reasons. It has a lot of baggage and associations that may be distracting and misleading. Because of this baggage, it may turn people away from it. And it suggests it’s not “normal” in terms of being natural and ordinary, while it may well eventually be explained by natural habits and scientific models, and much of what it refers to may well be quite ordinary in an everyday sense.) I am not going to go into this in detail, only mention that things such as synchronicities, ESP and more suggests that the world is a seamless whole. Dividing lines – for instance between “inner” and “outer”, and and between entities such as beings and objects and the wider world – are all literally imagined. It’s made up by images and thoughts.

Mainstream science also shows us different forms of oneness, and although this already is our worldview and the creation story of our times, it can also be presented in a way that allows us to take it in at a deeply felt level (for instance through the universe story, and Joanna Macy’s practices to reconnect.)

The Earth as a whole and all of Earth life is, quite literally, made of stardust. All our matter was created in stars, and most of it from perhaps one star.

The Earth and all aspects of the Earth – including humans and human culture – is part of the evolving universe. As Carl Sagan said, “we who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the cosmos we’ve begun, at last, to wonder about our origins. Star stuff, contemplating the stars organized collections of 10 billion-billion-billion atoms contemplating the evolution of matter tracing that long path by which it arrived at consciousness here on the planet Earth and perhaps, throughout the cosmos.”

Also from quantum physics, we are shown that all is part of a seamless field.


(a) psychology

– all happening within/as mind, my world happens all as awareness (and that can be recognized through looking at what’s here)”
– to me, the world mirrors what’s here
– universal/shared beliefs and dynamics

(b) paranormal

– synchronicities, esp etc.

(c) mainstream science

– cosmology, evolution, quantum etc. (all stardust, all part of the evolution of the universe, all related)


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