Forms of synchronicity, and the dark night

For me, synchronicity is mainly a reminder that the world is one. As I would have said it earlier, movements in the whole is expressed in its parts, even of those parts appear unrelated to our thoughts. (Nowadays, that feels a bit too much.)

Synchronicities also seem to reflect when my life is more aligned with my heart and guidance. During those phases, and during the phases where I do more “inner work” (meditation, inquiry, prayer), synchronicities seem to show up more frequently and clearly.

Synchronicities may also be a pointer and show the way, although I haven’t experienced that as much. For me, my inner guidance has usually been sufficient independent of synchronicities. (It doesn’t mean I have always followed it!)

And I also see something else here. During the first ten years or so following the initial opening or awakening, there was a deep sense of alignment and of things falling into place, often in amazing ways. I felt I was – metaphorically speaking – held in God’s hand, and God’s hand laid everything in place for me. This is one form of synchronicity.

As the dark night of the soul set it, these synchronicities – which my surface personality see as pleasant and desirable – still happened for a while. Then, they gradually switched into the apparent reverse. And now, for the last five or six years, things have fallen apart in equally amazing and consistent ways (loss of health, loss of marriage, loss of house, loss of old friends, and a repeated pattern of good opportunities showing themselves only to quickly fall apart). If the “falling into place” experience is a form of synchronicity, then this too can be seen as a form of synchronicity.

Why does the “dark night” version of synchronicity happen?

Generally, it seems to show me what’s left. All these losses and situations going “wrong” brings me face to face with what’s left of beliefs and identifications here.

More specifically, my external life seem to mirror my internal life. A great deal of wounds and deficient identities has surfaces over the last five or six years, as if the “lid” has been lifted, and my external life seem to mirror these. Many of these wounds have to do with losses and being unloved, and that’s what life is giving me. Again, it’s as if life is setting my circumstances up so I get face to face with these wounds, with what’s left.

And, as Barry suggests, what’s happening can also been seen as a dismantling process. Inner patterns and structures are dismantled, and that’s reflected in my life in the world as well.

So, although it’s at times very painful and unpleasant, it may all serve a function.

More recently, I also see an anger and rage in me against life (and God) for setting these situations up for me. I don’t want to learn this way! I don’t want to mature and find clarity this way. And that’s something to look at too. What do I find when I examine those thoughts? (And the underlying assumptions of a separation of me and life, and of learning, finding clarity etc.) Can I find the deficient selves that come up? (Living Inquiries.)


– falling into place
– reversed, falling apart – (a) mirroring wounds, surfacing, (b) mirror dismantling, inner/outer dismantling of old patterns and structures
– the outer/inner mirror each other, really same field, same reality

Generally, it seems to show me what’s left. All these losses and situations going “wrong” brings me face to face with my own wounds, beliefs and identifications. It brings these up so they can be seen, felt and loved. Included in my conscious view of myself. Recognized as what “I” am.

More specifically, it seems to reflect what’s going on “internally”, with a great deal of old wounds and deficiency stories surfacing – from childhood, early adult years, and perhaps even past lives. (There is certainly enough material surfacing for me to think that past life patterns are included.)



2 thoughts to “Forms of synchronicity, and the dark night”

  1. As one who had years of “dark” synchronicity, coincidences of the most persistent and malevolent types, terribly hostile neighbors in apartment buildings no matter where we lived, I feel we were cursed, or I was. I took care of my disabled mom who was in her nineties and fellow tenants were persistently truly malevolent drug users, drug manufacturers, or simply hateful demonic people (and these were nice apartments otherwise–just a lot of psycoes we’d encounter over and over again, tormenting us). Nothing was imagined. All was incredibly, objectively real. If there’s a “god”, I will find him and put it in an industrial cosmic
    shark tank and gladly watch IT suffer the same!

  2. Hi A.M. Yes, some of us have times in life where everything seems to repeatedly go wrong in amazing ways. Whatever emotions come up – anger, sadness, grief, hopelessness – are very understandable and natural. And it’s good to allow it all to come up and be here for as long as they do.

    I also find that the one I mainly punish by going into painful stories are myself. I am the one who have to live with those thoughts, and within the world they create, 24/7. That’s why I try to examine those stories and find stories that are as or more honest and accurate, and also more kind. (I find that the most honest and accurate stories tend to be kind.) It’s not an easy process, but it’s worth it.

    Also, I can ask myself some questions. For instance: How can I use these experiences to become more the person I want to be? How can I use it to be a little more mature? A little more kind with myself?

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