Goal of inquiry

What’s the goal of inquiry? It’s an interesting question, because it’s one that inquiry itself will “eat up”.

Being more smart about it, I can say that the goal of inquiry is to see through my stories. Or to see how my world is constructed. Or to invite identification to release out of my stories. Or to feel sensations as sensations, allowing the charge to release. Or I can say that it’s to find freedom to feel what’s here, or allow what’s here, or notice what’s here is already allowed.

Being more uncencored about it, I can say that it’s to feel better. To find freedom from suffering. To live a happier life. To be content.

There are many possible answers. And it’s good to generate these, including the uncensored ones, so I can take these too to inquiry.

Can I find happiness? (A real thing called happiness.) The happiness I seek? (Living Inquiries.)

Is it true that what I seek is not already here?

I keep wondering how to best explain the Living Inquiries. It will of course depend on who I speak with, and what their background and situation is, but here is what comes to me now……..

It’s a way to examine how we create our own experience of the world. Imagine a red dot. Do you see it? Then imagine your mother. Do you see her? Do you notice a reaction in your body? (If yes:) That’s velcro. The sensation combines with the image, and perhaps words (for instance her name), and creates something that seems real and solid. Through inquiry, we look at each of these so the “glue” that binds them together is loosened. This also makes it easier to feel the sensations as sensations, without going into stories, and release whatever energy may be there. The “goal” is really to see and feel what’s there, and it often leads to a freedom to allow whatever is here. There may be a sense of ease and freedom around it.

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