Inquiry on Enlightenment

Seeking anything is often fueled by a sense of lack. And it can be very helpful to address that sense of lack.

So, if I seek enlightenment (which I did for a while, and less now) I can ask myself….

What do I hope to get out of enlightenment? What’s the best that can happen if I reach enlightenment?

What do I fear would happen if enlightenment eludes me? What’s the worst that can happen if I don’t reach enlightenment?

Also, if I look in immediate experience – at words, images and sensations – can I find enlightenment? A real, actual object called enlightenment?

Do I find enlightenment? Lack of enlightenment?

Can I find me, a person who can be enlightened?

Can I find a person who is enlightened? (Adyashanti? Byron Katie? Scott Kiloby? James Eaton? Jesus?)

Can I find a person who is not enlightened? (My neighbor? A friend? Myself?)



– what do i hope to get out of enlightenment, what’s the best that can happen?
– often a sense of lack behind seeking enlightenment, hope and fear
– helpful to look at
– ui on e, absence of e, others who have e etc.





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