Inquiry on Home

A brief self-inquiry on home.

Is the word “home” the actual home? (No, but there is a sensation in the chest and throat.)

Feel that sensation. Is it home? (No. I see an image of light.)

Look at that image. Is that image in itself home? (No.)

Where do you find home? (Sensations.)

Feel the sensations. Do you see any images connected with it? (Yes, of that part of my body.)

Look at the image. Is it home? (No.)

Feel the sensations again. Are those sensations home? (No.)

And so on. I notice that the idea of “home” now is (more) free of charge and meaning. It’s a word. If anything, home is here now.  

Boomerang situation: I longed for home as a child, then realized what I had longed for during the initial opening and awakening, and have had a background longing for home at times since then. It’s not very strong, but worth looking at. Longing is another thing I could look for.

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