Inquiry on resistance

Self-inquiry on resistance:

Look at the word “resistance”. Is that word itself the actual resistance? (Yes, it feels like it.)

Go to the sensations in the body that gave you that “yes”. Feel them.

Are those sensations the actual resistance? (No. But I see an image of someone pushing, resisting.)

Look at that image. Is that image resistance? (No.)

Go back to the word “resistance”. Look at the letters. Can you find a command to resist on those letters? (No.)

Are the sensations still there? Feel the sensations. Is there a command to resist on those sensations? (No.)

Look at the image of the one pushing something. Is there a command to resist on that image? (No.)

And so on, on any other words, images and sensations that come up around the topic of resistance.

Next, escape. Can I find escape anywhere? Can I find a command to escape what’s here (the sensations here) on any of the words, images or sensations?

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