Jeff Foster: Breathe into the pain

Friend, you’ve tried absolutely everything except the obvious:

Doing absolutely nothing at all.

Stay with the thing you call “suffering”. Stay with the grief, the sorrow, the fear, the longing, the boredom. Take away the second-hand words and directly feel the raw, first-hand energy in the body, in the belly, the chest, the throat, as it vibrates, tingles, moves, expresses fully. Let the energy do its sacred, intelligent work. Don’t get in the way. Breathe deeply. Allow the breath to reach these unloved parts, to fill the ‘broken ones’ with oxygen, to dignify these lost and lonely visitors. The fact is, these energies are here only because they have already been allowed into the vastness of You. Dignify pain with the breath of life.

This moment is already shining, it’s already life, it’s already a welcome guest, dancing in your ever-present space. The mind wants to cling or resist, rewind or fast-forward this present scene – to push away the pain or cling to the pleasure. But take the radical step of taking no step at all. Do absolutely nothing right now except turning towards the very energy you have been trying to escape. Meet what is here as an ancient friend, not an enemy; a guide, not a block. See it as intelligent, not a ‘mistake’.

Be what you are, the deep allowing of all of life’s energies – both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ – the vast unchanging Room for the ever-shifting content of thought and feeling…

– Jeff Foster

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