Uniquely Flawed, Uniquely Blessed

I see a deficiency story in me about being uniquely flawed. And the interesting thing is that many others have the same story!

It’s true, in a sense. We are all uniquely flawed.

And yet, we are not unique in being flawed. We are all together in it. It’s one facet of a very down-to-earth form of oneness.

I also see that along with the uniquely flawed story (victim) comes the uniquely blessed identity (chosen one). They are two sides of the same coin, and in inquiry, it’s good to look at both.


– separate self, uniquely flawed + blessed, and in reality, not that special (what i see in the wider world, including in anyone, mirrors what’s here)
– uniquely flawed, quite common, perhaps even universal (and don’t get it checked so often, since most don’t talk about it, it’s a hidden dirty secret, doesn’t get exposed so often)


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