I have enjoyed reading a couple of books by Lorna Byrne, the Irish woman who sees and communicates with angels.

There is the ontology or reality question about these things, and this has at least two facets.

(a) Are angels real as something in the world, “out there”, and this is a question for science. (Although it may be difficult for current science to explore this topic.)

(b) Are angels real for me? In my case, the answer is yes. I experience a very clear presence, and I don’t mind using the word “angels” as a label.

There is also the world as mirror aspect to this, as with anything else.

Whatever it is, it’s all happening within and as awareness. As with any content of consciousness, it is happening within and as awake, clear presence.

As they appear to me, it’s all happening with my world of images. The way it appears to me is filtered through an overlay of words and images, and of their assumptions, labels and stories. (To Lorna Byrne, they appear as she would expect them to, based on her Catholic background, as she herself says too. To a Buddhist, they may appear as Bodhisattvas and whatever else they are used to from their tradition and culture.)

As they appear to me, they mirror something in me as who I am. Whatever I see out there, including in angels, I can find in myself. (Love, wisdom, presence etc.)

Whether I think angels are real and “out there”, or I experience their presence of not, (a) it’s all happening within and as clear presence, (b) it appears to me as it’s filtered through my overlay of words and images, and (b) whatever I see out there mirrors what’s here in me as who I am.

Not surprisingly, there is some criticism to her books. Some thinks she is only out to make money. Others think she is misleading people. And yet, what’s wrong with a message that’s essentially all about love? What’s wrong with writing books, and people buying them?


– filtered through our culture and expectations (as she says too)
– ontology (a) real as something in the world, “out there”, (science) (b) real for me, very real presence
– also, as with anything else…..
– all happening within awareness
– all reflecting me, mirroring what’s here,


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